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Gold and diamonds for sale in your area. With years of experience in diamond sales to the retail trade, we have now changed our focus to sell wholesale direct to the public. Our customers can save thousands buying straight from the source, cutting out the middleman entirely. Nobody beats our wholesale diamond and gold prices guaranteed. Gold and diamonds for sale cheap here at Diamonds and gold Africa your local precious metals suppliers.

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The second biggest diamond ever was discovered at the end of 2015 in the Karowe mine (AK6) in the South-African country Botswana. Only the Cullinan diamond (3106,75 carat) exceeds the rough diamond found in Botswana. The valuable African gemstone of 1109 carat was called 'Lesedi La Rona', which can be translated as 'Our Light' in the Tswana. The discovery of the diamond has not been a blessing for all the parts of Africa. In recent history, the demise on a regular basis was accompanied by the exploitation of workers, environmental destruction, government corruption and waste of incomes. Diamonds and gold Africa is your trusted spot where you can Buy diamonds from Africa locally in Turkey, Kenya and Cameroon after it is tested by diamond tester machine. Buy diamonds from Africa in Europe and Asia.

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